What happened to Christian Glass? Colorado sheriff’s deputies indicted and fired over fatal shooting

On Wednesday, November 23, a Colorado grand jury announced the indictment of the two Clear Creek County deputies involved in the shooting of Christian Glass, a 22-year-old man who was killed after calling 911 to help him in the aftermath of a car accident.

NBC reported that one of the deputies, Andrew Buen, has been charged with manslaughter. The second sheriff’s deputy involved in the shooting, Kyle Gould, was charged with reckless endangerment and negligent homicide.

Trigger Warning: Viewer discretion is advised

WARNING: GRAPH ⚠️ Colorado police officers shot and killed a terrified young man whose car got stuck on a dirt road. Christian Glass, 22, called 911 for help and showed signs of a mental health crisis before Clear Creek deputies escalated the situation and executed him. https://t.co/Vo9pBFwwiZ

While the Creek County Sheriff’s Department initially justified the shooting by stating that Christian Glass was armed and uncooperative, prosecutors claimed they mishandled the situation.

Christian Glass was shot five times

Vice reported that Christian Glass was driving home on the evening of June 10 when his vehicle went off the road. Glass, who had ADHD and a history of depression, reportedly called 911 dispatchers and asked for help.

@Imposter_Edits Just watched the video. In what world do cops start standing on the hoods of cars with the gun pointed at the suspect?

According to CBS Colorado, Christian Glass had informed dispatchers that he was in possession of two knives, a rubber mallet and hammer, which he claimed to keep for geology projects. He also stated that he was afraid to leave his car because he feared “skinwalkers,” something the 911 call described as a sign of “paranoid behavior.”

USA today reported that after officers arrived at the scene, Glass refused to leave his vehicle, stating he was scared. While Clear Creek County deputies tried to get Glass out of his car, a Colorado State Patrol officer who arrived on the scene later told them their efforts were unnecessary.

The patrol officer reportedly said:

“If he has not committed a crime and is not suicidal, homicidal or in great danger, then there is no reason to contact him.”

According to NBC, after 70 minutes of trying to get Glass out of the vehicle, Clear Creek County deputies broke through the car’s windshield and noticed the deceased was carrying a knife. The deputies shot beanbags at Glass before groping him.

In response, the Huffington Post reported, Glass began stabbing himself with the knife. The indictment stated that Deputy Andrew Buen then shot Glass five times, killing him.

In the aftermath of the shooting, the Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Department released a statement justifying Glass’s death, describing the deceased as potentially dangerous.

The statement read:

“The driver and sole occupant, an adult white male, immediately got into an argument and did not cooperate with the deputies and armed themselves with a knife.”

It continued:

“Additional law enforcement officers arrived and spent more than an hour trying to bring the situation to a peaceful resolution.”

However, in an official press release, Christian Glass’s parents spoke about their son’s history with mental illness and how he never intended to harm officers.

@Imposter_Edits Andrew Buen is the deputy who fired the shots and jumped on top of the car like crazy or something. Which deputy sheriff was Kyle Gould?

The victim’s father, Simon Glass, said:

“It was dark and he was very worried. He trusted that the police would come and help him. Instead, they attacked and killed him.”

CNN reported that both deputies involved in the shooting have been fired.

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