This detail gives every bathroom a spa-like atmosphere

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We’ve heard everyone from real estate agents to HGTV hosts use the term chippy to describe a bathroom, but it’s never been entirely clear what makes a space to feel like a retreat. For some, it might just be a bamboo tray; for others, it’s a rain shower head that covers their entire body. But we recently found one thing that, when we talked to designers, was considered “spalike” across the board. That feature? Fluted stone. Here are three ways to apply the It material in your space.

A statement sink

When designing his space for this year’s Kips Bay Decorator Show House in Dallas, Ahmad AbouZanat of Project AZ enlisted Chad Dorsey, who has become known for his fluted stone fireplaces, to design a Breccia Fiore-cut marble vanity. With its warm reds and pinks, the material alone enhances the hammam-inspired feel of the bathroom, but the ribbed details that span the outer edges take it a step further. “The luxuriously sculpted wash basin and substantial surface area combine to create a refined and distinguished look that doesn’t dominate the room,” says AbouZanat.

Sven Simon, managing partner of DasMOD, likens the design he used around a bathroom sink to Kit Kat bars. “It was also inspired by the wooden tambour on the master bathroom walls,” he says. “We loved the look and feel of the wood so much that we wanted to bring it into the bathroom.” After the stone was cut and bevelled, it was ground and installed against fiberglass mesh.

A 3D shower

Considering the bathroom in this Venice, California home is right next to the gym, Katie Gebhardt of Solstice Interiors thought it appropriate to take a shower for a “badass Equinox vibe.” She thoughtfully covered just one of the interior walls with the fluted Ann Sacks tile, opting for simpler, easier-to-work squares on the side walls with the plumbing and shampoo alcove. “It added so much depth and dimension to the shower, especially when paired with our patterned floor tile,” she says.

A bath with a view

The rippling Calacatta Gold tile that runs along the wall behind the bath in this Sun Valley, Idaho home serves two functions. The bumpy surface heightens the texture and drama of the marble’s bold veining, and the stone, which designer Julia Miller of Yond Interiors purchased through Artistic Tile, serves as a natural waterproof barrier. Soakers can splash as much as they want.

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