The problem with SEC bias

There are two college football playoff ranking shows left and time is running out

plow. Week 4 of the playoff rankings dropped and the committee has once again shown their obsession with the SEC. The top four remains the same with Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan and TCU with LSU getting 5 and USC 6. Two-loss LSU remains for one-loss USC despite USC beating a ranked team and LSU beating UAB is doubtful to say it least. There is no way the committee can keep them for USC if USC #15 beats Notre Dame and if LSU beats the unranked Texas A&M Aggies. LSU has two losses to #16 Florida State and was destroyed at home by #10 Tennessee 40-13 and USC lost on the road to #14 Utah by one point 43-42. There is an argument that Tennessee has better losses than LSU by two losses and that should be a comment in committee in the future. Alabama with two losses is ranked #7 for one loss #8 Clemson is an eyebrow raising for everyone. Alabama is two plays away from 7-4 and Clemson has one blow loss to a ranked Notre Dame along the way. Clemson is playing in their conference championship (probably winning as well) and Alabama is not. Clemson looked more impressive on the defensive side and has a better record against teams over .500 (6-1 to Clemson and 6-2 to Alabama). The most important thing to remember is that these teams lose twice and that automatically closes your chances for the playoffs. It’s strange to have teams not even playing in their conference championship WITH two losses to teams with one loss and playing in their conference championship along with a chance to make the playoffs anyway. If Clemson wins with both a conference championship and USC, then USC would get the nod from Clemson due to USC’s victory over common opponent Notre Dame. Tennessee ultimately lost their chances of entering the playoffs after being absolutely gutted by South Carolina on the road 63-28. Along with the loss, Tennessee unfortunately lost their star QB Hendon Hooker to a torn ACL for the remainder of the season, officially bringing their spectacular season to an unfulfilled end. The extension of the playoffs should put these preconceptions to rest as teams continue to lose opportunities to play on the biggest stage. The final playoff standings will be on December 4 and the top four teams will earn their spot in the playoffs. Rivalry Week is next!

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