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While half the states in the union now have some sort of “constitutional carry law” on the books, and thus citizens do not need to obtain special permission, through concealed carry permits, to use their right to carry for self-defense, the number of Americans with concealed carry permits still up over the past year.

According to data from the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC), the number of citizens with a concealed carry permit in the US has increased by an additional 488,000, a 2.3% increase from 2021. The CPRC data shows that that the number of permits in constitutional carrier states has fallen over the past year, as residents basically only need permits to use when traveling to non-constitutional carrier states with reciprocity agreements, but the total number has increased.

This CPRC report is not based on surveys or opinion polls. The CPRC used publicly available information from the data-supplying states to compile these statistics. And the numbers must astound the mainstream media; after all, “an estimated 8.5% of Americans are now licensed,” says the CPRC; women now even make up 29.2% of status holders.
These numbers are particularly relevant given that last June the US Supreme Court struck down New York’s “may-issue” hidden-carry law in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruenreaffirming a constitutional right to bear arms outdoors.

Now, post-Bruen, what could happen to the number of permits in states that are formally “allowed to spend” only? Some of those states, such as New York, are resisting by introducing new unconstitutional requirements for law-abiding citizens, but these restrictions are being challenged in court by the NRA.

Incredibly, in 17 states, more than 10% of adults are now licensed. “Since 2019, Arkansas, Oklahoma and South Dakota have dropped below 10%, but they are all now constitutional carrier states, meaning people no longer need a permit to transport,” the CPRC reports. At the same time, concealed carry rates in Connecticut, North Carolina and Wisconsin rose above 10% for the first time this year.

At 32.5%, Alabama has the highest concealed carry rate for adults. Indiana is second with 23.4% and Georgia is third with 15.5%. Also, six states now have more than 1 million licensees; these are Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Florida has the most permit holders (2.57 million).

In fact, the popularity of exercising this right has been on the rise for decades as freedom has spread through “shall-issue” and then constitutional law. More recently, policies and rhetoric from the far left — ending police madness, “bail reform” laws allowing violent criminals to go awaiting trial, and more — have led to an increase in crime, which has subsequently convinced more law-abiding Americans to prepare to protect themselves by obtaining concealed carry permits (if they need them) and by purchasing firearms.

While the growth in the number of citizens obtaining concealed carry permits has slowed — again largely because of the growth of constitutional carry states — the trend of more law-abiding Americans embracing their freedom shows no signs of abating. will keep you updated as legal challenges to restrictions on this critical right continue.

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