Plea to fast forward Kingsbury’s coaching term

Flush was the word Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury used in response to his team’s latest embarrassing performance.

I have spoken several times about lobbying the Arizona Cardinals to fire head coach Kliff Kingsbury. Obviously, when ownership Kliff and general manager Steve Keim signed to contract extensions through 2027, they probably expected a better performance than where the team currently stands at 4-7.

While the Cardinals are still mathematically in the playoff race, they should win and hope a few teams struggle through the last seven weeks of the season to get a chance here. Law of Probability states that this will not happen.

It also says that given Kingsbury’s overtime, the Cardinals will look for any excuse to keep their head coach. But should they? Especially when it looks like Sean Payton might be interested in the Cardinals job?

Why the Arizona Cardinals need to get rid of Kliff Kingsbury

It has now been 11 weeks and we have seen nothing but pure dysfunction under Kingsbury’s leadership. Here are just a few of the much-maligned head coach mishaps this season:

  • The regression of Kyler Murray
  • Bad play calling
  • Bad game management
  • Failed 4th down conversions, leading to short fields and points for opponents
  • Bench productive players and in one case cut them off
  • Dodging questions during press conferences

I’m sure you could add a few more to the list, but you know what I mean. And with all the grievances listed above, it’s hard to find any upside in Kingsbury’s 2022 campaign. You can nominally say that the Cardinals showed occasional flashes of brilliance this season, but those flashes are about as rare as seeing lightning in the middle of winter.

In general, when a coach’s production falls off a cliff, they don’t often stick around for another season, regardless of what their contract says. As for Kliff Kingsbury, this could easily be the case, especially if a proven product wants the job.

Source article: Kliff Kingsbury on Cardinals’ latest blowout loss to 49ers: ‘We’ve got to flush it’ by Kevin Patra

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