Marin’s election office is nearing the end of the vote count

Marin County Voter Voter Lynda Roberts says her department counted nearly all of the votes cast in the Nov. 8 election.

“We expect to count a final batch of about 150 ballots next week,” Roberts said Wednesday. Over 121,000 votes were cast in the general election.

Little is expected to change before the election is confirmed. Most of the local races and ballots were not close enough to be affected by the addition of newly counted ballots.

Many races were final from the start, such as the one in the Marin Municipal Water District, where board members who failed in their reelection bids lost by large margins. As of Wednesday, Ranjiv Khush led Division 3 incumbent Larry Bragman by nearly 30 points. Matthew Samson led Division 1 incumbent Jack Gibson by over 24 points.

Of the local ballot measures, measure D in Belvedere was most likely to change with votes counted late. The measure proposed a property tax to raise money to strengthen seawalls, levees and utility lines against the threat of natural disaster.

The day after the election, Measure D, which required majority support to pass, received the support of 47.74% of voters. By Wednesday, however, support had shrunk to 44.22%.

Measure K, which would have repealed Sausalito’s ban on cannabis sales, also lost ground as more votes were counted. After the election, it had been rejected by 72% of voters. By Wednesday, the no vote had grown to 73.56%.

In the Assembly race, Marin County supervisor Damon Connolly’s lead over California Coastal Commission member Sara Aminzadeh shrank slightly, but Aminzadeh, who has conceded, is unlikely to close the gap.

District 12 includes all of Marin County and about 45% of Sonoma County. Deva Marie Proto, Sonoma County’s voter registrar, said her county has only about 2,000 ballots left to count.

Connolly currently has 51.8% of the vote, ahead of Aminzadeh by 6,419 votes.

Despite his years of government service in Marin as a supervisor and San Rafael councilman, Connolly performed better in Sonoma than in Marin. As of Wednesday, Connolly led Aminzadeh by nearly 6 percentage points in Sonoma, while his lead in Marin barely exceeded 2 points. Aminzadeh lives in Kentfield.

Connolly said after the election that he made a strategic decision to focus much of his campaign in Sonoma after Aminzadeh outperformed him there in the June 7 primary.

Another Marin candidate who hoped late counted ballots would save the day was also disappointed.

San Anselmo Councilman Ford Greene, who was seeking a fifth term on the council, was one of four candidates vying for two open seats. The day after the election, Greene trailed second-place Tarrell Kullaway by less than a percentage point, just 12 votes.

Greene has lost more ground with each vote update. By Wednesday, Kullaway’s lead had grown to 509 votes, or nearly 5 percentage points.

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