MAGA Conspiracy Theorists Demonstrate At Arizona Capitol Demanding A ‘Revote’ In All State Races

During Arizona’s 2022 midterms, statewide races did not go well for far-right MAGA election deniers, Donald Trump loyalists, and promoters of the Big Lie. GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake lost to her Democratic rival Katie Hobbs; Democratic Senator Mark Kelly was re-elected, defeating Republican challenger Blake Masters. Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem, an ally of QAnon and the Oath Keepers, lost to Democrat Adrian Fontes in a race for Arizona Secretary of State. Lake, Masters and Finchem were all endorsed by Trump.

Lake’s critics and other election deniers warned that if she lost the election, she would be a sore loser and would refuse to admit she had lost. Sure enough, Lake has – just as her critics predicted – refused to give in to Hobbs, made baseless election fraud claims and vowed to challenge the election results in court. Meanwhile, fellow MAGA conspiracy theorist Liz Harris, who was elected to a seat in the Arizona House of Representatives on Nov. 8, has vowed she will not vote on bills unless officials agree to “call new elections immediately.”

This Friday, November 25, a group of far-right MAGA election deniers and conspiracy theorists, including Harris, are expected to stage a demonstration at the Arizona Capitol Building in Phoenix to demand a rescindment for all midterm elections to be held in Arizona in November. 8, according to Newsweek.

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Newsweek’s Zoe Strozewski reports, “An announcement was posted on urging attendees to meet at the Arizona State Capitol on Friday morning so they can raise their voices ‘peacefully, prayerfully.’ The announcement also instructs Arizonans to bring signs and banners for an adjacent #AZRevote Viaduct campaign on Friday and Saturday, and provided suggestions for viaduct locations in Maricopa County and the Tucson area.

In a video posted to Twitter on Monday, Nov. 21, Lake claimed that Arizona residents who voted for her were “disenfranchised” and claimed, without evidence, that Arizona’s “2022 general election failed and was broken beyond repair.”

But not all conservatives join Lake and Harris in their false allegations of election fraud. Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming and GOP activist Meghan McCain (the daughter of the late Republican Senator John McCain and his widow Cindy McCain) are among Lake’s most scathing critics on the right and are celebrate her defeat.

Outgoing Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, a conservative Republican, has made it abundantly clear that he believes Hobbs Lake has beaten fair and square. In an official statement released Nov. 23, Ducey said: “Today I congratulate Governor-elect Katie Hobbs on her victory in a hard-fought race and offer my full cooperation as she prepares to assume the leadership of the state of Arizona. to take. My administration will do everything possible to make this transition as smooth and seamless as possible. It is our duty to ensure that the 24th Governor of Arizona and her team can get off to a flying start and continue our state’s incredible momentum…. The people of Arizona have spoken, their votes have been counted and we respect their decision.”

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Conservative opinion columnist Henry Olsen of the Washington Post, in a November 22 column, called the false claims made by Lake, Harris, and other election deniers ridiculous, emphasizing that they harm the Republican Party and the conservative cause in their state. Olsen was highly critical of the Biden administration at times, but he was also quick to call the Big Lie “fiction” and emphasized that Biden rightly won the 2020 United States presidential election.

Arizona is a swing state that has seen its political landscape change significantly in recent years. Once a deep red state, Arizona became closely identified with the conservative politics of Senator Barry Goldwater and his successor, John McCain, who had no problem being called a “Goldwater Conservative” or “Goldwater Republican.”

But in 2023, Arizona will have a Democratic governor (Hobbs), a Democratic secretary of state (Fontes), and two centrist Democratic U.S. senators: Kelly and Senator Kyrsten Sinema. Kelly remains in the Senate seat once held by Goldwater and later John McCain. Arizona has historically gone Republican in one presidential race after another; in 2020, President Joe Biden legitimately defeated Donald Trump in Arizona.

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