Exceptions for 2022/23 NBA Players with Disabilities

A disabled player exception may be awarded when an NBA team goes down a player with an injury that is considered season-ending. The exception gives the club some extra spending flexibility and functions almost like a cross between a traded player exception and a mid-level exception.

We take a closer look at who qualifies for disabled player exceptions and exactly how they work in our glossary on the subject. But essentially, a DPE gives a team the option to add an injury replacement by either signing a player to a one-year contract, swapping it for a player in the final year of their contract, or filing a waiver claim. serve with a player in the final. year of his contract.

Because the rules regarding disabling player exceptions are somewhat restrictive and the exceptions themselves are often not worth much, they often just expire without being used. Still, it’s worth keeping an eye on what exceptions are allowed for disabled players, just in case.

We use this space to break down the teams with disabled player exceptions available for the 2022/23 league year, update them as the season progresses as more teams receive DPEs, and/or to indicate which DPEs have been used.

Teams have until January 15 to request a disabled player exception and until March 10 to actually use it.

Here’s the list so far:

Available exceptions for disabled players:

The Celtics used the full mid-level taxpayer exception to bring in Gallinari as a free agent, but the Italian forward tore his left ACL during a World Cup qualifier before he even got a chance to play for Boston.

The Celtics did not announce a recovery timeline when they announced Gallinari’s surgery, and the 34-year-old said he hopes to return before the team’s season is over. However, the odds seem slim, so Boston got an exception for a disabled player.

Since the C’s have two trade exceptions worth more than the Gallinari DPE, the team probably won’t use it in a trade, but it could come in handy in the buyout market if Boston goes up against a rival who only has the minimum of the veteran can offer. .

Used exceptions for disabled players:

Like Gallinari, Holmgren was yet to make his regular season debut for his new team when he suffered a season-ending injury in a non-NBA game. The No. 2 in this year’s draft had at least played for the Thunder in the Las Vegas Summer League before going down with an aa Lisfranc injured his right foot during a professional game in Seattle.

Because Holmgren was such a high roster, his salary as a rookie is close to $10 million, allowing the Thunder to get a disabled player exception big enough to take Harkless’ expiring $4.5 million contract into a deal with Atlanta.

The Thunder sent out Vit Krejci in that box, but he only had a partial guarantee of $781,759, and even if his $1,563,518 had been fully guaranteed as part of the deal, it wouldn’t have been enough to match Harkless’s incoming salary. As such, Oklahoma City had to use an exception to complete the deal.

Harkless was not part of OKC’s plans for the 2022/23 season (he was subsequently flipped to the Rockets in a salary dump), but hiring him allowed the Thunder to acquire a future second-round pick from the Hawks and change protections. on another second-rounder Atlanta owes them.

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