Everything the committee said after the 4th release

Here we go again.

On Tuesday, the College Football Playoff Selection Committee released its fourth set of CFP rankings, taking a look at what the group thinks of teams like Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan, LSU, Alabama, Tennessee and others.

And if you landed on this free website with tons of deep red and gray content, we’re sure you’re most interested in the Buckeye point of yours, just like us.

We can kind of figure out what the Ohio State committee thinks based on where it ranks week-to-week, but the group of so-called independent thinkers also put CFP committee chair Boo Corrigan there to adding some transparency and accountability by making him available for media inquiries.

And boy, the media has questions on a weekly basis because of some of the dizzying rankings thrown out there every time we check out the latest release.

By now you probably know that Ohio State is ranked No. 2 again and is in a prime position to clinch one of those four College Football Playoff spots, but what exactly does the committee think of the Buckeyes and other teams?

Here’s everything CFP Selection Committee Chairman Boo Corrigan said about Ohio State and the other top ranked teams on Tuesday when he made himself available to the media.

Opening speech

BRETT DANIELS: I’d like to welcome everyone to the fourth teleconference of the College Football Playoff Selection Committee for the 2022 season. Bill Hancock, the executive director of the College Football Playoff, will be here again tonight, along with Boo Corrigan, the chairman from the College Football Playoff Committee.

At this point we move to our Q&A segment.

On LSU facing Clemson despite the Tigers having better results against common opponent, FSU and a win over a healthy NC State team

BOO CORRIGAN: Let me try to take the first one. Again, we’re looking for growth over the course of the season, and LSU since that loss to Florida State and the way they’ve played and the way they’ve continued to improve, the win over Alabama, the convincing win over Mississippi are two things that we really looked at.

As for Clemson, yes, it does matter. 6-1 against teams over .500; the two ranked teams are there. But when we looked at it in the comparison to Notre Dame losing in South Bend 35-14 and how that game sort of went down, every member of the committee who looked at it and studied it and looked at everything came back with the conclusion that we saw LSU at 5 and Clemson at 8.

Whether or not TCU was ranked No. 4 was considered to be ranked ahead of Ohio State or Michigan

BOO CORRIGAN: There’s a conversation. Every week we go through it and make sure the first thing we do is look at 1 through 4 and make sure we compare and look at the previous week’s games as well as both offense and defense. When you look at Ohio State’s balance sheet, Michigan’s balance sheet, TCU is 8-0 against teams over .500, which is really impressive, and it was impressive for the committee, but again when we look at their net worth to come back in games where Ohio State and Michigan have not in a big way, and as I mentioned last week, that Ohio State win at Notre Dame is an impressive second wind to Penn State’s win.

To keep UCF in the top 25 despite losing to the Navy

BOO CORRIGAN: Yeah, still two really good wins at Tulane and at Cincinnati. The defense has been strong. The 17-14 loss to Navy, where Navy controls the ball, is a different kind of game you play in that regard. But they’ve had a really good season. Coach Malzahn did a really good job and there’s obviously a lot of respect from the committee for UCF dropping two spots.

On placing Louisville in the top 25 over a more creditable Big Ten team with better results against common opponents

BOO CORRIGAN: Yes, Louisville has won five of the last six games. They are 5-3 against teams higher than .500. They also have that win over UCF. Two of their losses were to Florida State and Clemson, and the similar one to make sure we’re going to honestly go through the teams that are in that 7-4 area and make sure we’re doing everything we can to figure out which one who earn there. But there’s no conference or anything like that in what we do. We try to find the best 25 teams.

On the value of Clemson in general as a potential one-loss conference champion

BOO CORRIGAN: You know, protocol, conference championships are part of what we’re talking about, so obviously from that standpoint I’m not going to project forward if it’s related to that.

But a very good football team. I think it’s trying to figure out what stands out to them. Really good defensive line, really good defensively with what they’ve done 6-1 against teams over .500. Again, I know this may sound repetitive, but when you watch them, you’re looking for something that makes them different, that makes them stand out. On that note, Coach Swinney has done a great job with his team again this year, but the committee considers them team No. 8.

About the split between USC and LSU now

BOO CORRIGAN: Well, we talked about it a lot is what I’d say before anything else, and we made sure it wasn’t a single conversation. It came back over and over to make sure, and there are reasons for both teams, but the commission at the end of the day saw the wins over Alabama and Mississippi as stronger than the wins over UCLA and Oregon State.

One area we still have questions about is the strength of USC’s defense, and looking at it as a whole, we believe that LSU deserved to be ranked 5 and SC 6.

About what the committee wants to see from USC’s violation and the thinking about Clemson’s violation

BOO CORRIGAN: Well, the SC defense, that projects into what it is, but again, if you look at that game, and what a great game it was, 48-45, I think we’re looking for a stronger performance of the defence. As a committee, a more dominant victory in those situations to move forward.

Clemson’s Will Shipley is a dynamic player for them. I think they may have had a little bit of their ups and downs with respect to the quarterback position that we talked about in the room. But again, a really good team that’s had a really good year, and through week 12, that’s our evaluation.

On SEC teams playing cupcakes late in the season versus other Power Five teams playing better competition

BOO CORRIGAN: You know, we really look at the whole body of work. We’re in week 12. People have been playing against different people all season, some stronger than others, and our goal really is to look at the whole resume at this point and make sure we’re evaluating the whole resume rather than one couple of. data point that you can sometimes get sucked into and to make sure we make the bigger, broader decision that we need to make and make sure we get that right based on week 12.

About how much Hendon Hooker’s injury played into Tennessee’s rankings

BOO CORRIGAN: Yeah, if you think about the game, it was 49-31 when he went out of the game, and all we can do is evaluate from the start of the game to the end of the game, if you will. Although it clearly hit Tennessee at the time, it was 49-31. If I recall correctly, they had a short field as a result and soon after went up 56-31.

Again, it’s something we all acknowledged in the room, but it wasn’t something that led us to a different conclusion.

BRETT DANIELS: We want to thank everyone for participating.

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