EMT Monitoring and Safety Solutions for SF6 and Eco Gas…

Ensure protection of personnel and assets while meeting global compliance standards

EMT’s extensive and growing portfolio of insulating gas management solutions includes a range of portable and fixed monitoring and gas detection systems to ensure the safety and protection of personnel and assets while meeting global compliance standards.

EMT Smartfill CTU

Designed for controlling SF6 leakage from circuit breakers and other installations, Smartfill CTU is a unique SF6 ‘live topping up’ leak management device, providing 24/7 monitoring and automated continuous refilling of leaking assets, metering gas as required with no waste and no leakage. With this smart system, operators can start upgrading remotely; registers cylinder pressure to prevent empty cylinder downtime; and notifies technicians of any issues via SMS. Smartfill technology reduces SF6 usage, cost and inventory, provides transparency for regulatory reporting and ensures business continuity.

EMT pressure validation kit

EMT DPG is designed to provide fast, easy and accurate gauge verification and solves the problem of inaccurate or out-of-calibration gauges. Supplied in kit format with fittings and hose for easy connection to asset test points, this essential tool provides engineers with an accurate NIST traceable (ISO 17025) pressure measurement and is Eco gas ready.

Gas safety monitors for personnel

Operating companies have a duty of care to employees to protect them in the workplace from substances hazardous to health and are legally bound by Workplace Exposure Limits (WEL) for SF6, alternative gases and their by-products. EMT offers a range of portable and fixed, personal and area gas safety monitors to protect personnel in hazardous areas, such as indoor cylinder storage areas and confined spaces. From single to multi-gas detection, team protection and area surveillance, these critical devices provide low-cost, low-maintenance, effective solutions to ensure safety when working with SF6, Novec, dry air and decomposition gases.

EMT Site Services

Our Site Services team can provide a range of rental equipment to customers with urgent or short-term instrumentation needs, including leasing the Smartfill CTU for 24/7 SF6 gas monitoring and leak management. This smart solution eliminates technician calls, the challenges of scheduling technicians for repeated site visits to replenish leaking assets, and the associated costs of managing it.

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