Development of storm to bring heavy rain and thunderstorms to US

The latest weather forecast warned that a developing storm could bring heavy rain and snow in the southern US, especially in parts of Houston, Atlanta and New Orleans.

The storm is expected to last through the weekend and several weeks before December begins.

Houston, New Orleans and Atlanta, Storm in development, forecast

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When Thanksgiving began, many Americans were concerned about outdoor activities and travel because of the dangers of the storm.

Reports indicated that the storm could disrupt travel activities.

Snow, heavy rain and thunder

With temperatures getting colder due to the arrival of winter and severe weather conditions, the stormy weather is expected to continue into this weekend.

According to AccuWeather’s latest forecast on Nov. 25, the report showed that heavy downpours and rain could lead to flooding in the city, while snow accumulation would be unusual in parts of West Texas and New Mexico.

Residents of the affected areas should be mindful of the flooding rainfall, especially if they live near the coast, as the snow would create travel risks, including poor road visibility.

The report added that thunderstorms can also be expected. AccuWeather’s forecast showed that rainfall would move from Thursday to Saturday and affect parts of Oklahoma City, Austin, Houston, Little Rock, Jackson and Atlanta.

  • The forecast also said five to four inches of rain could fall in southern Mississippi, Florida Panhandle and Central Texas.
  • Meanwhile, Georgia and the South Carolinas can expect one to two inches of rain.
  • With heavy rainfall, the report added that parts of southern Arkansas and central Mississippi could expect flooding starting Friday.
  • In addition, rain and possible thunderstorms are possible in the southern Appalachians, the Gulf of Mexico and Atlanta starting Friday.

Recently, the forecast showed that Thanksgiving would expect rain and snow.

Forecast until the end of the week

Always carry an umbrella or raincoat as the weather can lead to isolated showers.

Those traveling outdoors should drive carefully as bad weather can affect visibility on the road.

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On the other hand, AccuWeather’s latest forecast on Friday showed that snow and rain can affect travel, bringing gusty winds, downpours and slippery roads.

The report added that showers could unleash in parts of Portland, Boston, New York, Washington, Atlanta, Montgomery, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Tampa, Raleigh, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Nashville, Charleston and Columbus.

While some parts of the United States will experience heavy rainfall, parts of eastern New Mexico, Texas, Santa Fe, Amarillo and Lubbock can expect snow.

As of Saturday, the weather report says thunderstorms may form in New Orleans, Jackson, Montgomery, Nashville, St. Louis and Witchita.

Meanwhile, downpours may form in Oklahoma City, Dallas and Houston.

The forecast added that cold and wintry weather would continue in San Antonio, Austin and Corpus Christi.

The weather will improve by the end of the weekend, allowing good travel conditions for those returning after Thanksgiving.

AccuWeather forecasts predict good travel conditions in San Francisco, Los Angeles, El Paso, Dallas, Houston, Memphis, Kansas City, Denver, Billings and Minneapolis.

Anyone traveling should be aware of weather conditions for possible delays.

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