Colorado Springs nightclub shooting suspect makes first video appearance

Colorado Springs nightclub shooting suspect first appeared in court through video appearance from jail. He was seen in a wheelchair, with facial injuries. Club Q customers had beaten the suspect into submission on Tuesday to hand him over to the police. His name given at the time of the arrest was Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22. The charges filed by the officers during the arrest were murder and hate crimes.

It has been revealed to lawyers that the suspected killer is non-binary and uses these or their pronouns. The killer’s grandparents had requested a name change, as Nicholas Franklin Brink’s name was known to him until 2016. His father was in prison for beating his mother and he wanted nothing to do with his father. That is why the suspect has requested a name change. The shooter’s father was a martial arts champion and an adult film actor. Police once arrested the shooter for threatening to bomb his mother. The father was arrested for beating his mother.

More than half of ultra HNIs are in the US. Look where India stands

More than half of ultra HNIs are in the US. Look where India stands

Richie Rich Club

The world’s population of ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWIS), individuals with assets in excess of $50 million, will grow by 46,000 by 2021. The US accounts for 53% of them. Look where other countries are. (Source: Visual Capitalist)


$50 million – $100 million: 103,669 | $100 million – $500 million: 35,740 | $500 million+: 1,726

The suspect was bullied at school and a social media account called “Asian homosexuals are harassed” was opened to invite hate speech from classmates. Aldrich had just carried a gun into the club and began firing indiscriminately at the crowd. Police at the time credited two people in the club with confronting the gunman and stopping the chaos. Authorities believe the Colorado Springs police could have confiscated guns he brought home with him. It was a surprise that they did not confiscate his guns, as his mother had previously informed the police.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many people die from gun violence in the US?

45,222 people in 2020.

What law allows a person to carry guns in the US?

The Second Amendment.

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