College Football Daily Fantasy Helper: Saturday 11/26/22

With everyday fantasy football so popular, it was only a matter of time before it translated to the college level.

FanDuel now offers daily college football fantasy games in most states, and there’s a twist to the NFL ruleset. You select a quarterback, two running backs, three wideouts (which can include tight ends), and a “SuperFLEX” which can be any of those positions.

It can be hard to find goal data for college pass catchers, so figuring out which players are on the field and finding employment can make all the difference. Of course, there are also more lopsided outcomes in college, so make sure you have a proper balance between game scripts! Your running back’s monstrous first half could lead to a bagel in the second.

Thanksgiving weekend is great for football because we get two days of pro football and two days of college. It ends Saturday, and this may be the best college slate of the year. Elite rivalries are lurking, and that’s topped off – of course – by the defacto title elimination game in Columbus.

Note: All stats are from All tables are sortable by any category.

The slate

GA technology Georgia -36.5 48.5 6 42.5
Michigan ohio state -7.5 56.5 24.5 32
S Carolina Clemson -14.5 51.5 18.5 33
W. Virginia Oklahoma St +8.5 62.5 35.5 27
Maroon Alabama -22.5 49.5 13.5 36
Oregon Oregon St +3.5 58.5 31 27.5
state of Iowa Tcu -9.5 47.5 19 28.5
Mike stands Penn state -19.5 52.5 16.5 36
LSU Texas A&M +9.5 47.5 28.5 19
UCF USF +19.5 68.5 44 24.5
Tennessee Vanderbilt +13.5 64.5 39 25.5
Notre Dame USC -5.5 64.5 29.5 35
Oklahoma Texas Tech +2.5 63.5 33 30.5
Kansas Kansas St -11.5 62.5 25.5 37

I wish I could tell you that Saturday’s elite matchups were the games to stack, but I can’t.

The competition for the best daily fantasy is a pointless affair between Central Florida and South Florida. That total is approaching 70. Tennessee and Vanderbilt also don’t have much to play for, but those are two up-tempo offenses totaling 64.5 points.

However, we have Southern Cal back on this slate. They still have a lofty team total against Notre Dame’s elite defense.

There are two complete cross-off games for me. Georgia and Alabama are huge favorites where the anemic bouts from Georgia Tech and Auburn should barely do anything against the elite defense. Starters simply don’t have two halves to work in those games.

Defensive Matchups and Rankings

Note: Higher numbers are easier matchups for the opposing team. Lower numbers mean better rankings and harder matchups.

GA technology 45 90
Georgia 5 10
Michigan 2 2
ohio state 21 4
S Carolina 46 113
Clemson 14 20
W. Virginia 127 75
Oklahoma St 77 98
Maroon 13 109
Alabama 6 7
Oregon 84 57
Oregon St 12 52
state of Iowa 35 5
TCU 50 56
Mike stands 97 79
Penn state 9 16
LSU 51 32
Texas A&M 10 110
UCF 39 76
USF 130 131
Tennessee 87 13
Vanderbilt 125 105
Notre Dame 20 41
USC 80 96
Oklahoma 34 93
Texas Tech 67 91
Kansas 104 101
Kansas St 37 68

The worst overall defense in FBS could be South Florida. They are bottom three in yards per attempt (YPA) allowed against both phases. Vanderbilt, Kansas, Southern Cal, Michigan State, Oklahoma State and West Virginia are other defenses in this slate that have also really struggled with both the pass and the rush.

However, there are elite defenses. I mentioned Alabama and Georgia, but Michigan and Ohio State definitely top this list in terms of hindering each other’s day-to-day fantasy potential. Penn State, Clemson, Notre Dame, Oregon State and Iowa State are others that perform above average in both phases.

Teams we would most like to target on the ground are South Carolina, Texas A&M, Auburn and Oklahoma. Rather, we prefer to focus on passing attacks on the state of Tennessee, Oregon and Louisiana.


Again, as much as I’d like to go straight to Heisman contenders on the slate, John Rhys Plumlee ($11,000) is the clear top option here.

USF’s defense is absolutely atrocious, and Plumlee is a dual-threat quarterback who has averaged 77.7 rushing yards on the ground this year. His only path to failure would be for him to take all the scores.

The reality is Caleb Williams ($12,200) and Bo Nix ($11,500) are in brutal matchups with top-30 pass defenses – and solid opposing running games. They could watch more of Saturday’s games than usual.

The opportunity cost – aside from salary – of those two is also quite staggering. We also have Will Howard ($10,600) against the Jayhawks’ Swiss cheesy defense, and Spencer Sanders ($10,800) may attack the Mountaineers’ 127th pass defense (in terms of YPA).

On the other side of Howard, Jalon Daniels ($9,200) returned last week with a modest 17.4 FanDuel points against a tough Texas defense. K-State’s defense should be an easier test.

Joe Milton III ($9,500) has been solid enough in Hendon Hooker’s relief service to believe in him against the Commodores’ weak pass defense. I think Mike Wright ($8,300) Also works — despite the raise — as a value plug for the second week in a row. He runs for 54.9 yards per game this year.

Two other value plays on this slate include Attic Greene ($8,500)who has been exceptional since he took over West Virginia, and gunfighter with dual threat Donovan Smith ($8,600) should be safe for a modest day assuming Behren Morton is out due to an ankle injury.

Running backs

It’s strange not having a five-figure salary with a back on such a big slate, but Deuce Vaughn ($9,700) is a worthy protagonist. He has thrown the ball at least 19 times in four consecutive games in this solid game with KU.

LSU’s 32nd ranked rush defense is too strong for me to consider limited Devon Achane ($9,500) on his salary. Achane suffers from a foot problem. I prefer to turn to Eric Gray ($9,400) who has appeared on the Sooners’ running back committee for 63.0% of the bearers in the past three weeks.

“The Game” requires “waiting” on these backfields. The status of Blake Corum ($9,000) affects both the potential competitiveness of this game and its viability. Backup Donovan Edwards ($6,500) is confused for UM as well, and the same could be said for Ohio State’s Miyan Williams ($8,300) and Tre’Veyon Henderson ($7,100). When both sit, Dallan Hayden ($6,500) is a free field, even in this brutal game; he logged 27 porters without them last week.

Injuries litter the top of the player pool, but Ray Davis ($8,000) is probably next spot after Vaughn and Gray. He has accumulated 60.6% of Vandy’s total carrying capacity in the past three weeks.

Isaiah Bowser ($7,800) is quite a stack with Plumlee trying to secure pieces of every UCF score — and there could be plenty. Bowser has registered 44 carries to 36 for in the past three games RJ Harvey ($5,800), so Harvey might be a better dart for the daredevil. On the other hand, Brian Struggle ($7,500) got 19 bins for the Bulls last week.

The new start of USC is back Austin Jones ($7,600). He’ll be popular after 31.7 FanDuel points against UCLA, but Notre Dame’s stingy defense will be another test. The Trojans still spread the ball at all levels.

opposite Jones, Audric estimate ($7,400) and Logan Diggs ($6,500) have too good a match to ignore their obvious split in the Irish backfield. Diggs got 15 to Estime’s 11 last week, but that fluctuates throughout the year without a predictable pattern. I lean towards Estime for popularity purposes.

Wide receivers

I’m actually blurring a good chunk of the top of Wideout’s pool – which I hardly ever plan to do.

Jalin Hyatt ($9,800) has an insane salary now that Hendon Hooker is no longer below the midpoint. We’re not even sure the offense will come close to the same level. outside of him, Jordan Addison ($9,500) still commanded only 18.5% of USC’s targets for the past two weeks, and Marvin Harrison Jr. ($9,400) has the toughest matchup in the country with Michigan.

In a game where it’s easy to believe the cyclones will cover (since Texas Christian never makes anything easy), Xavier Hutchinson ($9,000) has an unparalleled workload on this slate. He has seen 35.6% of Iowa State’s goals this year, including 12.6 per game in his past three years.

If Xavier Weaver ($8,500) healthy, he’s a phenomenal bring back option with Plumlee, scoring a target share of 32.7% this year. He’s a clear question mark to playthough, what would bring Jimmy Horn Jr. ($6,300) in the game for the second week in a row. Naturally, Ryan O’Keefe ($8,100) fits well with his quarterback, Plumlee, given his 27.8% share this season as well.

The top two target stocks on this slate outside of Hutchinson belong Will Sheppard ($7,800) from Vanderbilt and Notre Dame Michael Mayer ($7,500). Those two offenses run the ball over 54.5% of the time, so the pay cut is appropriate. However, both suffer from weak pass defense and are completely viable.

Without Corum, I do believe Michigan will significantly increase its graduation rate, so say hello to Ronnie Bell ($6,600). Bell’s 26.8% share just hasn’t had much volume this year.

Marvin Mims ($7,500) is the clear top option for Oklahoma, and Myles Prize ($5,900) has been a Smith favorite this year. Price also saw a team-best six goals last week. Other value wideouts with at least 10 targets last week are also included Carlo Tillman ($8,000), Brennan Presley ($6,700)and Kris Hutson ($5,900) in an otherwise muddy Oregon Ducks goal tree.

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