Campus Watch November 24, 2022

Complaint filed against Berkeley law about student groups excluding Zionist speakers

A legal complaint has been filed against UC Berkeley Law School over nine student groups banning Zionist speakers from coming to campus.

The complaint was filed by lawyers Gabriel Groisman and Arsen Ostrovsky, the latter the head of the International Legal Forum. The complaint, which was sent to the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, alleged that Berkeley Law violates Title VI of the Civil Rights Act for failing to take action against the student groups.

“The groups that introduced these discriminatory policies are trying to hide their discrimination against the Jewish community by excluding ‘Zionists,'” Groisman and Ostrovsky said in a statement. “This thin veil is completely transparent, as Zionism is an integral, indispensable and core element of Jewish identity. There can be no doubt about it: anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism. And by effectively saying “Zionists not welcome,” these student groups – and by extension UC Berkeley Law School – exclude, marginalize and silence Jews, and only exacerbate what is already a very hostile environment for Jewish students, teachers and staff.”

Antisemitic attack on UMich

On November 10, an anti-Semitic attack took place at the University of Michigan.

WDIV-TV reported that the assault was reported to the police on November 12; the victim, an unknown university student, claimed that a male student grabbed her by the arm and then made anti-Semitic remarks at her. The attacker is described as a 5’10” white man with brown hair and wearing a college baseball cap.

A friend of the victim told WDIV that the incident was “disturbing” for the victim, but she is trying to “follow it closely”. “Unfortunately, things like this still happen here,” the friend said, saying the victim has heard snide remarks on campus before.

Neo-Nazi group intimidates Harvard students

Members of the neo-Nazi group National Social Club intimidated students at Harvard University on Nov. 13, The Daily Mail and Harvard Crimson reported.

Video shows the neo-Nazis giving a Nazi salute in front of the Democracy Center campus, which hosted an anarchist book fair. They then banged on the windows of the building and lunged at people walking down the street. The members claimed they were “confronting Antifa”.

“Antisemitism is alive and well, even in the American college town,” Jewish on Campus tweeted.

Philly Hebrew Academy evacuated due to bomb threat

The Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy in Philadelphia was evacuated on November 16 due to a bomb threat.

The Forward reported that the school sent an email to the student that “college officials have been made aware of a terrorist threat” at the school and that they have received “several worrying phone calls.” The Forward also noted that in the run-up to the November 8 election, Doug Mastriano, the GOP gubernatorial candidate in the state, had criticized now-governor-elect Josh Shapiro, a Jewish Democrat, for sending his children to the state’s school. the “privileged elite” had sent. because it showed that Shapiro is out of touch. It is unclear whether the bomb scare was related in any way to Mastriano or Shapiro.

Neo-Nazi flyers on SF High Schools student cars

Students at two high schools in the San Francisco Bay Area found anti-Semitic leaflets from the neo-Nazi group Goyim Defense League (GDL) on their cars.

Stop Antisemitism tweeted on Nov. 17 that the fliers claimed Jews were behind gun control and “mass migration.” The targeted students belonged to Novato and San Mateo High Schools. “Children should not be subjected to the GDL’s ongoing hate campaign!” Stop Anti-Semitism wrote.

Boston University Prof Says “Israel And Judaism Are Not The Same In Any Way”

Boston University professor Saida Grundy wrote in a comment on Instagram that the Jewish religion and Israel are not alike.

Stop Antisemitism tweeted a screenshot of the comment; Grundy wrote that calling criticism of Israel anti-Semitic is a “propagandistic response”. Her reasoning was that “Israel and Judaism are in no way the same” and “Palestinian and African Jews are second class citizens in the white nationalist apartheid state of Israel.” Grundy also claimed that Israel has been criticized by “millions of Jews” worldwide. “This is why Zionism is losing popularity among young Jews,” she wrote.

“Perhaps Grundy could take a moment to read a few pages from one of our prayer books. She would clearly see that there is no Judaism without Israel!” Stop Anti-Semitism tweeted on Nov. 20. “Grundy is also ignorant of Israel’s demographics, unaware [that] the majority of the country’s Jews are Sephardi and Mizrahi.”

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