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This is the season to snuggle up by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and of course your favorite Christmas movie. But deciding which Christmas movie really captures the essence of the holiday season is a bone of contention across the country.

Using data from Rotten Tomatoes and Google Trends, Wealthy Nickel crunched the numbers to determine the most popular Christmas movie in each state. Many holiday classics made the list, but a few states surprised us with their non-traditional picks. So curl up on the couch amid the twinkling glow of Christmas lights and find out if your state’s idea of ​​the most wonderful time of the year includes the North Pole or Nakatomi Plaza.

The highest ranked Christmas movies by state

Something about Christmas movies really captures the spirit of the season and can inspire a sense of nostalgia that transports viewers to the past of Christmas.

One such holiday classic is The Polar Express, which took first place in Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma and South Carolina. These states love the mysterious train that goes to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. Who doesn’t love the dancing waiters and chefs serving hot chocolate to all the kids?

Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Texas and West Virginia loved The Grinch, the story of a cynical grump who tries to ruin Christmas for all of Whoville. While there are a few theatrical versions of the story, the most popular is the 2018 animated interpretation voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch as the Grinch.

With a flair for the romantic, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, Virginia and The District of Columbia all opted for Love Actually, which follows ten Britons as they navigate their love lives in a countdown to Christmas. This romantic comedy has become a modern Christmas staple for many.

Other favorite Christmas movies are Home Alone, Elf and It’s a Wonderful Life.

The Midwest – Illinois, Ohio and North Dakota – backs the Chicago-based Home Alone, starring Macaulay Culkin as the resourceful eight-year-old who chases two hapless robbers from his childhood home. Nebraska, Nevada and Utah gobble up as much sugar as they can as they watch Will Ferrell run through New York City in the endearing tale of Buddy the Elf. And Connecticut, Missouri, New Hampshire and Wisconsin are behind the old but good, It’s a Wonderful Life.

Some newer movies are even starting to make their mark and become part of the Christmas tradition. The 2019 Netflix animated film Klaus is popular in states like Colorado and Washington.

Elf or Edward Scissorhands?

What counts as a Christmas movie? Does something set during the holiday season fit, or does Santa have to make an appearance? This debate has undoubtedly led to much bickering at family gatherings. The cold, hard facts, however, do not lie. Wealthy Nickel’s research found that search volume spiked in December for several movies that don’t usually come to mind as heartwarming Christmas classics.

One of the most surprising Christmas movies, voted a favorite by six states, is Trading Places. The 1980s comedy draws audiences year after year in Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. The film follows an upper class finance executive and a street trader who change their lifestyle to win a bet. During Christmas in Philadelphia, there are plenty of opportunities for holiday hijinks, including Dan Akroyd in a Santa suit.

Edward Scissorhands shockingly makes the cut with four states β€” Arizona, California, Florida, and New Mexico β€” all agreeing that the movie is a must-see during the holidays. While it doesn’t meet the “cheerful and bright” definition of a standard holiday movie, it is set during the Christmas season and is loved by many.

Perhaps the best-known Christmas movie-that-maybe-not-is-Christmas-movie is Die Hard. Both Montana and Idaho enjoy watching John McClane fight to save Christmas from a group of rogue terrorists.

Which States Have the Most and Least Christmas Spirit?

According to the ranking, Utah is the most festive state, always looking for a dose of revelry. Of the twenty films reviewed, Utahns were among the top five seekers for twelve of them. West Virginia and New Hampshire took second and third place as states that can’t say no to a good Christmas movie. West Virginia was among the top five seekers for eleven films and New Hampshire for seven.

The least festive states, at least in terms of number of Christmas movie searches, were Hawaii, Florida, Mississippi, New York, and Louisiana. While most of these states will never have a white Christmas, New York should be a little embarrassed to be counted on that list.

What do Nevada and Nebraska have in common? Their love for the movie Elf of course! Here’s the full list of the most popular Christmas movie in each state.

  1. Alabama – The Polar Express
  2. Alaska – Jack Frost
  3. Arizona – Edward Scissorhands
  4. Arkansas – The Grinch
  5. California – Edward Scissorhands
  6. Colorado – Klaus
  7. Connecticut – It’s a great life
  8. Delaware – Trading Places
  9. District of Columbia – Love actually
  10. Florida – Edward Scissorhands
  11. Georgia – Trading Places
  12. Hawaii – Trading Places
  13. Idaho – Die hard
  14. Illinois – Home alone
  15. Indiana – A Christmas Story
  16. Iowa – Christmas Holiday
  17. Kansas – Miracle on 34th Street
  18. Kentucky – The Grinch
  19. Louisiana – The Grinch
  20. Maine – Jingle all the way
  21. Maryland – Love actually
  22. Massachusetts – Love actually
  23. Michigan-Krampus
  24. Minnesota – Jingle all the way
  25. Mississippi – The Polar Express
  26. Missouri – It’s a great life
  27. Montana – Die hard
  28. Nebraska – eleven
  29. Nevada – eleven
  30. New Hampshire – It’s a wonderful life
  31. New Jersey – Trading Places
  32. New Mexico – Edward Scissorhands
  33. New York – Trading Places
  34. North Carolina – The Polar Express
  35. North Dakota – Home alone
  36. Ohio – Home alone
  37. Oklahoma – The Polar Express
  38. Oregon – Love actually
  39. Pennsylvania – Trading Places
  40. Rhode Island – Jack Frost
  41. South Carolina – The Polar Express
  42. South Dakota – Christmas Vacation
  43. Tennessee – Santa Claus
  44. Texel – The Grinch
  45. Utah – eleven
  46. Vermont – Miracle on 34th street
  47. Virginia – Love actually
  48. Washington – Klaus
  49. West Virginia – The Grinch
  50. Wisconsin – It’s a great life
  51. Wyoming-Krampus

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