Alex Jones has to pay $ 49 million to the parents of Sandy Hook in Texas

A Texas judge on Tuesday sided with the parents of a murdered Sandy Hook boy and against Alex Jones by ignoring a state law limiting punitive damages in lawsuits to $750,000 and giving the parents the full $49 million awarded in August. awarded by a jury.

“The law in Texas enforces this limit without looking at the facts behind the liability, and without looking at the jury’s verdict that … this person and this company did something terrible,” said Maya Guerra Gamble, judge at the Travis County District Court, at the end of a day-long live-streamed hearing on Tuesday, citing Jones and its parent company Free Speech Systems. “Therefore, I am going to enter the full amount awarded by the jury in this case.”

Neil Heslin, the Sandy Hook father who was awarded $49 million in damages along with the mother of his slain son Scarlett Lewis, said he was happy with the judge’s ruling but referred questions to his lead Texas attorney, Mark Bankston .

“I do believe that the number the jury came up with was the right and proper number,” Bankston said after the judge signed the parents’ award in court on Tuesday. “I’m really glad we’re all holding onto it.”

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