After major victories in California, Democrats control all House seats along the Pacific for the first time in living memory

The West Coast has long been dominated by Democratic politicians – it’s called the Left Coast for a reason.

But for the first time in modern history, Democrats will control every congressional district along the Pacific coast.

It’s a feat the Democrats “have not achieved since Washington became a state in 1889,” according to the leftist publication Daily Kos.

Dave Wasserman, a Congressional racial analyst with the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, also saw the trend. predictions on Twitter before all races were held, 2023 would be “the first time Republicans are barred from any district touching the Pacific.”

The blue wave along the Pacific coast was made possible by a shakeup in southern Washington, a recently flipped seat in Alaska, and two key victories in Southern California — even as Democrats lost control of the House of Representatives to a narrow Republican margin. majority.

The trend reflects “the increased polarization in American politics,” said Eric Schickler, a professor of political science at the University of California, Berkeley.

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